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Dont Get A Bad Tattoo, Save Your Body In 2 Minutes !

Posted by Lee Roller on

 In my experience, tattoo artists and shop owners are generally great people and love their craft. In saying that, please understand that a tattoo shop is just like any other business. It’s their job to sell you on their business and create sales; have you ever heard of a shady automotive mechanic? Or on the other end of the spectrum, a hair salon that everyone goes to?   Most people are so amped for their first tattoo it’s often an impulse decision and people forget to think about who’s doing the tattoo.  Keep in mind that this tattoo is going to last the rest of your life, and an informed decision is important. Take the time to do your homework and spend the money to get it done right. 

Here are a few things to consider when looking for a good tattoo shop or artist

  • Good artists work for good tattoo shops , so finding a great shop can cut your search in time in half
  • Social media is a great place to see if an artist is well liked and reviewed. A quick glance at an artist’s page and you will see if they’re frequently followed.
  • A good artist is always booking well in advance; if a tattoo artist says they can do it now, it means they don’t have clients because they’re not busy. Not busy typically means poor quality.
  • Most artists specialize in a specific style, be sure that your end vision is in line with that artists best skills. (Artists who love what they’re tattooing will do a better job)
  • If the potential artists does not have a portfolio it probably means you’re one of their first clients.
  • The average professional tattoo artist charges $120-$150 per hour. Anything less is questionable
  • Some of the best artists and shops will charge you a flat rate, this is generally higher than an hourly rate however the quality is typically well worth it.
  • Clean tattoo shops mean good tattoo shops. The number one thing you will know instantly when you’re in a good tattoo shop is how clean it is. Like any business first impressions should help you in your decisions.
  • Unless you’re at an amazing tattoo shop, never let an artist freehand a tattoo without a stencil or showing you a solid piece of artwork. This just shows laziness and a lack of care for your tattoo.

I hope this article gives you enough tips to find a great tattoo shop and solid artists who you can develop a trusting relationship with.   Feel free to comment or ask questions either on our blog or website and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Lee Roller

Owner/ Custom Tattoo Designs  

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